“We can’t design experiences. Experiences are reactions to the things we design.” Amen.

A very interesting and quite long reading about perspectives of digital design, homogeneity and patterns in a designing a user experience. There are a few quotations from it, something that grabbed my attention and resonate with my recent thoughts. You might find there something for you as well. Continue reading


The Digital Detox – do we really need it?

This article pops up today in my news thread during my morning coffee reading. First, I was laughing silently about the topic and wondering if anyone really needs to be detoxicated from the digital and ‘go back to nature’. It was ridiculous to think that people are so disconnected with their mind and body that they need a guide that helps them to look at the consumption of digital and virtual world from different perspective. And it looks like just one more useless research activity that people might promote because ‘why not’ and ‘anyway we get paid for it’.

But nonetheless I gave the article a try. 🙂 Continue reading

Motenashi – traditional Japanese hospitality for understanding what is good UX design can do for its users.

A very interesting article about good UX design and inspiration that it might got from ‘Motenashi’, – the Japanese term that uses for explaining the ideal rules how to host a guests and general hospitality pattern. Here is the article: good UX design and AI today.

I think I agree with the idea that I wouldn’t feel very comfortable with the app that totally anticipate my next move and knows me too well. As a human being I want to be spontaneous and creative every now and then, and, going though a routine can be a good in case of being productive, but quite hurting as well, because there is a creative part of me, that is considering myself as a unique personality that goes ‘her own way all the time’ and no way it can be anticipated by some algorithm. 🙂
So clumsiness of the modern AI can be thought through again and again, in order to make people feel better about using them (because it’s a great help indeed) and don’t feel that they are constantly watched.

And for designers it’s important not just fill  the Apps with all those cool AI like features, but find the balance and carefully guide the user from ‘newcomer’ to the ‘regular’ without freaking them out. Empathy. Trying new stuff. Constant learning.

Here is why I love my job. 🙂

17.06.15, Helsinki. Daily feed.

1. Autopsy of failure. How and why startups failed. autopsy web page. Might be interesting to look and analyse if my thesis topic is going to be related to startup culture.

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6. How to break brainstorming ‘struggle’ sessions? >>

  • Define the real problem.
  • Lover risk of critics.
  • Create culture of implementing ideas.
  • Reward concrete people for their successful ideas.
  • First let people work alone and then unite them to the group(s).
    More is here.

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