The IDBM Book 20/5, anniversary edition. Part one: design and teamwork, the best combination ever.

The IDBM Book 20/5 was made while I was working as a designer in IDBM program in Aalto University School of Business and the length of the project was about 3-4 months. The idea of ’The IDBM book 20/5’ was to showcase the IDBM program, its projects and activities, and provide a solid understanding of what the program entails. The first edition, for the academic year 2014-2015, is produced celebrating 20 years of IDBM as a minor and 5 years as a master program.

Originally, the idea belongs to the IDBM program director Mikko Koria, who had the overall vision how it should be and was pushing the idea forward. My task was to develop the idea of the IDBM anniversary publication further and make it happen. I am very grateful that he entrusted it to me and my expertise, it was a great journey and an exceptional learning experience.

Quite a lot of people were involved in the process from the very beginning, and helping me with the chapters structuring, texts editing and developing the main message of this publication, organizing the interviews and looking for the people to be part of the IDBM Book 20/5 this year. The big part of the book consists of student’s industry projects overview and was designed by student’s themselves. That was a challenge for all parties and I think it worked out pretty well in the end! I want to thank all IDBM 2014 year students for their effort and positive attitude.

I highly appreciate the Ines Vaittinen’s help and her positive attitude to work on big and challenging projects that always helps me to continue. Together we were creating the book frame and she was always there to listen and give a feedback on sensitive and urgent matters, straight to the point. Anna-Mari Saari, the IDBM program coordinator, quite often was the only one who knew the right contact and right person to answer my questions. Daniel Graff, who shared the office with me during this project with all this creative mess flying around and gave me a few exceptionally useful feedbacks that motivated me to try my best over and over again. Brilliant Paula Harjula, who was a bridge connecting me to the IDBM Klubi and was extremely helpful in managing the organizational issues and a great help with the alumni interviewing and gathering a right people around the project.

There are so many more names to mention here: Naoko Nakagawa, Kirsi Polvinen, our dear program coordinators who were extremely helpful with obtaining the information about graduates and Toni-Matti Karjalainen, who provided the information about IDBM academic publications and other data. Terro Hottinen, Toshiya Yoshida, Minna Särelä, Noora Salonoja, Mikko Kutvonen, Sooa Hwang, Ian Janes and many more gave me a great insights, shared their stories about IDBM and motivated me to do my best for all IDBM community.

Despite their extremely busy schedule those people found the time and put a lot of effort in make this happen, I think without them it would not be possible to achieve such a result and it’s a really team-work and joint effort and I am so happy to be part of it.

P.S.: If you’re curious about process of making the book itself and my learning experience, stay tuned, second part is on the way! 🙂


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