The Digital Detox – do we really need it?

This article pops up today in my news thread during my morning coffee reading. First, I was laughing silently about the topic and wondering if anyone really needs to be detoxicated from the digital and ‘go back to nature’. It was ridiculous to think that people are so disconnected with their mind and body that they need a guide that helps them to look at the consumption of digital and virtual world from different perspective. And it looks like just one more useless research activity that people might promote because ‘why not’ and ‘anyway we get paid for it’.

But nonetheless I gave the article a try. 🙂

The first thing that I like and what I agree with is that we all need a different ‘etiquette and social values’, new unspoken rules that society can create in order to maintain the ‘healthy and mindful’ connections among the people. Recently I read another article where author was observing the way of communication with others through your mobile device and it looks like a lot of people are thinking that it’s better to text first and call only after the chat. So, people do feel overwhelmed with the ‘easier’ access to their privacy and feel like they want to set a certain boundaries to feel comfortable and less stressed.

That got me thinking that my way of taking a day off from digital devices every one or two weeks might be quite scary for some people. People do have completely different attitude toward social media and creating a connections.

The benefits of ‘cutting’ the wire off and taking the better rest, connect with people on a more deeper level and having a better memory because you are not relying on your device is so evident to me, but indeed there are a lot of people that might need to learn to do so. And as it said in a article it might be a ‘life-changing experience’ for them, something that they would never thought about and try by themselves.

P.S.: I’m also quite into the idea of digitalised future and human brain development toward new technology, virtual environment and artificial intelligence. Those things fascinate me and make me wish to travel X-hundreds years forward to see how it looks. But at the same time I don’t see that the human brain is able to go that fast following the progress.


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