17.06.15, Helsinki. Daily feed.

1. Autopsy of failure. How and why startups failed. autopsy web page. Might be interesting to look and analyse if my thesis topic is going to be related to startup culture.

2. What you should know to design your design portfolio>> Read here.

3.Trends in logo design, summer 2015>> Dots Lines&Volume Stars Chaos Nostalgia Circles Triangle pixels Photos etc.

4. Lynda.com Creative Quick Tips // Responsive images_course

5. Tips for creative writers >> Do it right.

6. How to break brainstorming ‘struggle’ sessions? >>

  • Define the real problem.
  • Lover risk of critics.
  • Create culture of implementing ideas.
  • Reward concrete people for their successful ideas.
  • First let people work alone and then unite them to the group(s).
    More is here.

7.If you need to send an invoice, here is your template.

8. Easy way to browse designer’s portfolios on dribble: stumbbble

9. New and Fresh Fonts: Click!

10. WordPress’have to do list or checkouts.for site/blog.

11. Google rules! Icons.

12. Finnish language. Interesting way to remember words. Rus/Fin.


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